found in time

by toen

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squaring in 02:12
boko-maru 04:30
friends 03:58
metal cloud 03:02


Toen’s debut EP „Found in time“ is an exercise in exhuming musical corpses. Ancient .it files, scattered across obscure backup folders, were brought back to life, reworked, polished, provided with new prosthetic extensions and squeezed into a 6-track EP. As such, they represent a careful falsification of its author`s personal history, a piece of the past which can be graciously accepted as a self-evident link to the present, dinosaurs devoid of feathers, put together piece by piece and made into museum exhibits. As for the collective history of electronic music, their original immersion in then-viable pool of IDM influences survived its obsolescence in deep hibernation, finally coming to life revalidated in the age of ever-increasing saturation and meaninglessness of history. Feeding off this relativity, they again defy their natural course of expiration in favor of false continuity of the elusive past and the eternal present.

Also, they are a bunch of nice tunes you can listen to.

The EP is dedicated to my dearly missed friend and partner in crime, Michal Šverčič a.k.a. cube.


Is a music producer from Prague creating leftfield electronica with roots in the tracking scene and IDM. In the past, he produced music as „Kiteracer“ and played live with a fellow Prague-based musician dné. Most recently, he played a couple of gigs as a 2-piece combo with Nikola Štefková, showcasing his latest work which makes use of live instruments and vocals and leans towards subtle ambient pop.

released June 08 2017


released June 8, 2017

all music composed by: toen
mastering: Wim Dehaen
cover art: Martin Lacko




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